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If you have landed on our site, then most likely you already know what the darknet tacos and what the kraken is. But let us remind you that krmp cc is a recently opened darknet online store that allows you to buy forbidden goods. The site operates throughout the CIS and has been actively developing in recent months. What kind of goods can be bought on the KRAKEN, let's take a closer look.

WHAT can I buy on in k2web at?

1. Prohibited drugs. Most of all on the site KRAKEN of various forbidden narcotic drugs. Here, everyone will find something for themselves and will be able to quickly and confidentially buy the goods they need and quickly pick up the treasure in their city

2. Weapon. If you think that it is impossible to buy weapons without documents, then you are greatly mistaken. On the Kraken, you can buy almost any weapon from a pistol to grenades and even more serious ones. The sellers will tell you where and how to pick up the item you need after the transaction.

3.Documents, certificates, money, SIM cards. On the krmp cc pages, you can also find fake documents, such as passports or job certificates. In addition, if you wish, you can buy fake banknotes as well as unregistered blank SIM cards.